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Linda and Frazer G

  • August 31, 2017
  • site234587

Two of our grown children live across the street in another subdivision and a third not too far from here. When Distinctive opened up we were curious. We wanted to be close enough to help with the kids but not too close. We built an Arbor ranch and made some custom changes and have plenty of room for us. We modified the master bath and replaced the second closet with a walk-in shower. We also added a lot of canned lighting; so far we have been told that we have the most canned lighting in the subdivision!

We have been in our new home since October. We previously built a townhome so we were familiar with building. The process was fine with Distinctive. They were very accommodating and were willing to meet us after work. Distinctive also has a web site where we logged in and can check progress and pictures as our home was being built. Even though we drove by often it was a nice convenience and understand how some people who live further away can appreciate it. Lynne and Josh are so nice and helpful! We appreciate all the help throughout the whole process from both of them! Everyone at Distinctive is nice and even now that we are moved in they still wave to us when they drive by! It’s so nice out here we can see the lake from our home, the neighbors are very friendly and we absolutely love the fact that the “Wauponsee Glacial Trail is so close for us to just hop on with our bikes.

– Linda and Frazer G